Working with customers to design and install substation rooms

Navigating the intricate landscape of substation installations requires adherence to exact standards set by individual electricity suppliers and regulatory bodies, whilst also meeting the individual requirements of the builder. These standards can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as building size, usage, and specific requirements. Q-Main ensures that your substation installation aligns perfectly with your unique needs and complies with the strictest industry standards.

Partnering closely with builders and project managers, Q-Main specialises in delivering tailored, high-quality substation services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence encompasses three essential services, ensuring your projects are executed with precision, on schedule, and within budget.

A one-stop substation service

Our comprehensive substation service offers everything from infrastructure installation, safety enhancements, rigorous quality assurance and project management, ensuring that all your substation needs are met under one roof.

  • EMF lining
  • Cement sheet lining
  • Rated/non-rated pulling eye installation
  • Monorail installation.
  • Door installation, including:
    • Vented/un-vented
    • Fire-resistant
    • Blast doors
  • Forced ventilation systems
  • Earthing as required
  • Cable trench mesh design and installation
  • Design and fabrication of platforms
  • Auditing
  • Conduit installation
  • Painting
  • Door installation, including fire and blast-resistant doors
  • Forced ventilation systems
  • Earthing of conductive components
  • EMF installation.
  • Safety auditing and ITP's
  • Auditing (internal and external as required)
  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant standards
  • ITP's to ensure installation is as planned
  • Keeping customers and electrical suppliers informed throughout the entire process
  • Exceeding customer expectations in work standards
  • Full sign-off by an electrical supplier for on-time and on-budget project completion, minimising the potential for project delays

Avoid costly delays

Prevent expensive delays in transformer installation with our efficient and dependable services, minimising downtime and ensuring seamless project execution.

With our years of substation installation experience, our skilled staff will meticulously interpret the drawings and ensure that all the supplier standards have been adequately met.

Where required, our staff will liaise directly with electricity suppliers to ensure the room contains all the features required to suit the building use case, size of transformer and supply requirements of the customer.

We provide comprehensive proposals, covering all aspects of the installation to keep your project on track and within your schedule.

We bridge the gap between customer requirements and electricity supplier standards. We can interpret the requirements of both the customer and the electricity supplier and produce a plan that suits all parties.

Q-Main has completed hundreds of installations on the United Energy, Ausnet, Energex, Jemena and CitiPower networks.

Avoid costly delays to your transformer installation which can impact your project schedule.

Failure to meet the electricity supplier’s standards, or keep to the schedule, can lead to the room being rejected by the electrical supplier. In this case, the supplier could refuse to deliver the transformer at the agreed time.

If the customer misses their allocated transformer delivery, this can often lead to delays of many months until an alternative date can be confirmed.

This, in turn, means that the building cannot be energised for this period, leading to potential issues with the overall construction schedule.

Who we serve

Indoor substation rooms are an integral part of new multi-functional large building complexes. Typical buildings requiring installation of indoor substations would include (but not limited to):

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We are the trusted partner for some of the leading companies in the power, electrical, and utilities industry in Australia.

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